So Much Left to Say

  1. Bridges Burned
  2. What Was That Song?
  3. Told You So
  4. Dr. & the Mrs. (cowrite w. Rachel Simring)
  5. Eleanor (Rachel Simring)
  6. Veronica (cowrite w. Rachel Simring)
  7. You Know Where to Find Me (cowrite w. Rachel Simring)
  8. All Gonna Fall on Me
  9. Will You Tell Her? (cowrite w. Luke Cain)
  10. You Don’t See Me at All (cowrite w. Rachel Simring)
  11. Untitled on Wire & Wood
  12. Nothing to It (cowrite w. Rachel Simring)

Rachel & Andy was a duo founded back in the 90’s in Athens, Georgia. With harmonies like the Everly Brothers and the Beatles, the duo quickly became a popular staple of the Athens music scene. The duo moved to Denver in 2000, where they earned kudos and got great press from Denver local rags and fellow musicians. They parted ways in 2001 and rachel formed her own band, rachel’s playpen. Andy still performs solo and with other Denver musicians. This jubilant debut album is for anyone who likes timeless, well-crafted songs with beautiful, honest harmonies and melodies.

About the Artist

Rachel Simring and Andy Ard met in Athens, GA summer 1993. They joined up as powerhouse acoustic duo and performed together until 2001. With her irresistable, sultry whiskey alto, Rachel does the lion’s share of the singing. Andy backs her up with tight harmonies, and sometimes pulls the lead – although most of the time he’s hammering away on the guitar.

Their sound is very much influenced by British Invasion groups like the Kinks, Beatles and many of the groups which followed after. Being from Georgia, however, they have a certain southern flavor and playfulness unique unto themselves.

Band Members: Rachel Simring, Andy Ard

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