Hold On Tight

I’ve never released a cover before… not that there weren’t a zillion candidates.

But this one made it to the front of the list. My version of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Hold On Tight” is out now on all the major outlets!

I’d be honored if you gave it a listen, added it to your playlist, and shared it with a million people.

And yeah, hold on tight to your dream!

The links above take you to the track on the various platforms.

Let’s Never Break Up!

This single was the most fun to record. It went through several iterations that didn’t quite work, and then one day the opening riff presented itself. That set the tempo and the mood, and it went from there. The drums, the bass, the harmonies… it all fell together joyfully. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

I’ve Got a Thing for You!

Spring is here, and it’s a perfect time for this lovely throwback tune. Available on all major online stores April 26. Thank you for listening!

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Thank you for listening.

That’s the main thing I want you to know. Whoever you are, thank you for supporting music. Live music, recorded music, songwriters, performers, all of it.

Like That is now available! Lots of options to hear it: buy the CD, download it from CDBaby, stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and many more.

There is plenty of music out there, so much that you never need pay to hear it. So I will not ask you to. That’s something you can do if you so choose.

Instead, I have a request. I would dearly appreciate hearing from you. Knowing that this music has reached you is the fuel I need to keep on making more.

For artists, it often feels like we’re sending our beloved works out into the void, never knowing if they found homes. Getting even a little comment on social media like “Hey, I liked that song!” makes us feel like we’re on the right track.

Yes, we’d be making the music anyway. But just like when we’re performing in front of an audience, we brighten up when people are dancing, singing along, tapping their feet, or even simply facing our direction. You can have that same impact on us from anywhere, and it fuels our fire.

If you’re feeling generous, perhaps you could share the music with someone you think will enjoy it. Not every sound is for everyone, so sometimes it takes a little wandering around to find its fans.

And a new listener is valuable in ways that a few extra bucks cannot be. Listeners make all the difference everywhere there is music. Without listeners, we would be lost.

You are the most important part in all this. So thank you for listening.

CD Release for “Like That” July 21!

Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 4pm-6:30pm at Highlands Cork & Cafe in Denver we’re throwing a party to celebrate the release of “Like That“, a 5-song EP of Americana-flavored Roots Rock tunes I’ve been working on with producer John McVey and a seriously talented bunch of folks. Nick Forster and Christian Teele from eTown played lead guitar and drums, respectively. On bass was Paul McDaniel and on keys Eric Moon. The exquisite Jessica DeNicola added magical vocals, and Jim Wilson mastered the whole thing.

If you’re reading this and I haven’t already sent you an invitation for some reason, please accept my apology because you are invited! Bring some toe-tapping shoes and an appetite – we’re having tapas and beverages.

Facebook event page:

Pre-Order Available Now!

You get the first single “Here Comes Another Good Time” as a download immediately, then the full EP when it ships on July 21. Also enjoy “Come Over Here”, which debuted on Chris K’s Colorado Playlist.

EP mixed and off to master!


I’ve been working with producer John McVey for months on 5 songs that are almost ready for release. It’s been a whirlwind ride, bringing in players like Nick Forster of eTown (where this pic was taken), who threw down some slick guitar leads. Now while the mastering happens, it’s time to finish up the artwork and all that.

Posting from a phone! Bonus cat image

What a world we live in. I’m holding a device about the size of a Pop Tart that has more computing power than the first Space Shuttle, writing whatever is on my mind and posting it to the interwebs.
Here is my cat high on painkillers after he injured his leg. He stared at nothing like this for at least fifteen minutes. Maybe I’ll write a song about it one day.

Test post, please ignore

We’re testing the capability to post to the blog by email. If you’re reading this, it worked! There should also be a picture below of Andy performing at the Boulder International Film Festival.

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