Thank you for listening.

That’s the main thing I want you to know. Whoever you are, thank you for supporting music. Live music, recorded music, songwriters, performers, all of it.

Like That is now available! Lots of options to hear it: buy the CD, download it from CDBaby, stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and many more.

There is plenty of music out there, so much that you never need pay to hear it. So I will not ask you to. That’s something you can do if you so choose.

Instead, I have a request. I would dearly appreciate hearing from you. Knowing that this music has reached you is the fuel I need to keep on making more.

For artists, it often feels like we’re sending our beloved works out into the void, never knowing if they found homes. Getting even a little comment on social media like “Hey, I liked that song!” makes us feel like we’re on the right track.

Yes, we’d be making the music anyway. But just like when we’re performing in front of an audience, we brighten up when people are dancing, singing along, tapping their feet, or even simply facing our direction. You can have that same impact on us from anywhere, and it fuels our fire.

If you’re feeling generous, perhaps you could share the music with someone you think will enjoy it. Not every sound is for everyone, so sometimes it takes a little wandering around to find its fans.

And a new listener is valuable in ways that a few extra bucks cannot be. Listeners make all the difference everywhere there is music. Without listeners, we would be lost.

You are the most important part in all this. So thank you for listening.

I’ve Got a Thing for You!

Spring is here, and it’s a perfect time for this lovely throwback tune. Available on all major online stores April 26. Thank you for listening!

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CD Release for “Like That” July 21!

Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 4pm-6:30pm at Highlands Cork & Cafe in Denver we’re throwing a party to celebrate the release of “Like That“, a 5-song EP of Americana-flavored Roots Rock tunes I’ve been working on with producer John McVey and a seriously talented bunch of folks. Nick Forster and Christian Teele from eTown played lead guitar and drums, respectively. On bass was Paul McDaniel and on keys Eric Moon. The exquisite Jessica DeNicola added magical vocals, and Jim Wilson mastered the whole thing.

If you’re reading this and I haven’t already sent you an invitation for some reason, please accept my apology because you are invited! Bring some toe-tapping shoes and an appetite – we’re having tapas and beverages.

Facebook event page:

Pre-Order Available Now!

You get the first single “Here Comes Another Good Time” as a download immediately, then the full EP when it ships on July 21. Also enjoy “Come Over Here”, which debuted on Chris K’s Colorado Playlist.

EP mixed and off to master!


I’ve been working with producer John McVey for months on 5 songs that are almost ready for release. It’s been a whirlwind ride, bringing in players like Nick Forster of eTown (where this pic was taken), who threw down some slick guitar leads. Now while the mastering happens, it’s time to finish up the artwork and all that.

Posting from a phone! Bonus cat image

What a world we live in. I’m holding a device about the size of a Pop Tart that has more computing power than the first Space Shuttle, writing whatever is on my mind and posting it to the interwebs.
Here is my cat high on painkillers after he injured his leg. He stared at nothing like this for at least fifteen minutes. Maybe I’ll write a song about it one day.

Test post, please ignore

We’re testing the capability to post to the blog by email. If you’re reading this, it worked! There should also be a picture below of Andy performing at the Boulder International Film Festival.

Kick the tires!

Just launched the brand new site, and hopefully it’s working for you. I’d especially love to hear if you saw this post somewhere else, like Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve shuffled some things around, and muddled through some real nerdy stuff to make it cleaner and more user-friendly. The whole point of which is to better share some music with you.

You might notice that the most recent blog post before this is from 2012. I had abandoned the blog portion of this site for quite some time, trying to find other ways of getting news and info onto various platforms. I finally gave up and committed to doing it this way.

Why? I’ve been listening to a lot of Seth Godin lately, and I completely agree that shipping is the most important thing. Not getting it perfect before you leap. Finished is always better than perfect.

So hop in and let’s see if we can get this thing moving.

As always, thank you for listening.

Photo credit: Rita Dittrich

2012 in Review for Andy Ard Music

The year started with a new album well under way, hindered by a few inconveniently timed bouts of bronchitis. The songs kept coming, though, and in June “How Easy It Is” finally hit the shelves. It’s my first full-length solo album, and I produced the whole thing in the bat cave that is my studio.

I entered the title track, “How Easy It Is”, into the Durango Songwriter’s Expo “Write With A Hit-Maker” contest and won the pop category! I performed the song along with James Jacoby on tuba and Rachel Pearl on vocals at the October Durango showcase. While at the Expo, I got to write a song with Adam Zelkind, and you’ll hear more about that in 2013. In light of all the other things happening for me musically, though, this one was a huge shot in the arm.

I had another song get picked up by a recording artist, but I can’t yet spill the details on that. More in the spring.

I had some fun cowrites with some fantastic songwriters, among them Lee Johnson, Lauren Brombert, Jeff Zacharski, John Bunzli and Chris Webb. Now I need to figure out how to get all these songs out there.

I started work on an album of children’s music that parents can tolerate. The first track is “Let Mama Sleep a Little Longer”, to be recorded by Micah Guy and the merry band Yo Mamas and Papas. A live version of the song is available already on

I recorded an EP with Melle Johnson (as Von Melee) called “Quantum Folk“, with six tracks we whooped up as an extension of our participation in the Immersion Composition Society. The eclectic mix of songs was a welcome excursion out of my usual pop-rock environs.

In October, Melissa Axel, James Jacoby and Kailin Yong occupied the studio for a few days to track several songs that involved tuba, piano and clarinet. It was an altogether charming experience, and I’m looking forward to hearing the final project.

Going on two years now with funk-soul-r&b band PJ Zahn, I’m having such a great time with them that I’ve just about stopped doing solo gigs. We performed at the People’s Fair in June, Make Music Denver on June 21 downtown, various clubs, private parties and weddings, and we’re now planning on recording an original album together.

We’ve both forgotten how long ago we actually started, but Jill Teas and I have been performing together in an acoustic duo for about nine years. Parties, clubs, weddings, festivals, Red Rocks… This coming year looks toward us finding a regular spot to play some tunes.

The next album is already begun, and is decidedly more uptempo. The batch of songs is in the dozens, and will be whittled down through rewriting and recording as the theme takes shape.

In December, I had the privilege of playing the third of the exquisite Katey Laurel‘s “Denver Dozen” songwriter showcases, this one at the Soiled Dove.

2013 will mark the tenth anniversary of the collection of string & piano music I composed for online tours of the White House for the White House Historical Association. I’ve been working on rearranging those for rerelease, as the originals were produced for compressed animated segments. Ideally, I’d like to have them recorded with a real orchestra. Maybe this is the year.

I continue to serve on the board of directors for the Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO) as vice president. We’re focused on ways of helping music artists build career paths for themselves, a goal in which I am personally vested.

This year began a new venture with fellow musicians and industry personnel June McHugh (Ash Street Music Publishing) and Alex Rodriguez. We’re creating an infrastructure for independent artists to be self-employed in music. Seeing a pattern here?

2012 was a year of mostly ups, and the downs were instructive. I’m looking forward to 2013 because of some hard-earned momentum, and I’m excited about working with all of the people I mentioned and more.

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