Preview of the “Like That” EP Candy cover art

The “Like That” EP is being printed, and will be ready for release soon!

Here’s a little rundown on the making of the artwork. The original concept was “sawdust & bubblegum”, a reference to how someone once described my music – a juxtaposition of gritty and sweet tunes. It’s always had a pop sensibility, but there’s always been a rootsy twang in there.

That didn’t quite work visually, but the concept flowed easily over to candy on asphalt. Thus began the crafting of several Starburst into twisted strands, fashioning them into letters, and photographing them in my neighbor’s driveway (ours is that sandstone kind of pavement).

The leftover wrappers were going to be part of some liner note motif, but we scrapped that for the much better menagerie of contributors (back cover, below). This is one of the rare times I’ll use a bubbly font.