Like That

Track Listing

  1. Here Comes Another Good Time
  2. Why You Gotta Be Like That
  3. Trouble
  4. Come Over Here
  5. Got to Get Me One of Those
    (cowrite w. Matthew Melle Johnson)

Recorded in 2017 and 2018 at John McVey at his own studio, Coupe Studios, and eTown, “Like That” is a 5-song EP representing a change in direction. This is the first time I’ve brought in a producer and studio players to make a record, and it shows. It’s an all-star team from start to finish.

These Americana-flavored Roots Rock tunes were recorded with producer John McVey and a seriously talented bunch of folks. Nick Forster and Christian Teele from eTown played lead guitar and drums, respectively. On bass was Paul McDaniel and on keys Eric Moon. The exquisite Jessica DeNicola added magical vocals, and Jim Wilson mastered the whole thing.