Andy on 99.5 The Mountain Homegrown show Monday, Jan. 26, 10 PM MST

Andy just recorded a 4-song set with Jake Schroeder at Denver’s 99.5 The Mountain for the Monday, January 26 Mountain Homegrown show. Listeners outside the Denver metro area may listen online at

They shot the breeze for a while, mostly about music. Andy’s busy working on new songs for his forthcoming CD, “Bad Girls (and the Boys Who Love Them)”, so he played acoustic versions of a couple of those songs.

In addition, he revisited some older material including his version of a song he co-wrote with Victoria Woodworth and an old gem from the rachel & andy days.

Astute observers will note that the picture displays “Alice 105.9”. This is not a camera trick; the two radio stations share the same studio.