“What Was That EP” now on iTunes

I still can’t figure out why it takes 8 to 10 weeks to copy MP3 files to their catalog, when had it up the next day. Oh well, here it is.


  • Anonymous

    Dude your Moonlight Sonata kiks a$$. You demonstrate a keen grasp of the structural challenges inherent in early- to middle-period Beethoven that is hard to find these days. “Quasi una fantasia” indeed! Brendel, Pollini, heck, even Goode should take notice! You should totally do Gaspard de la nuit next.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure what the previous commenter was smoking, but this is far from a “professional” interpretation of the much-hackneyed Op. 27. If butchery defines most attempts, this MIDI-using-Casio-soundbanks version is a slaughterhouse. No, make that the entire Tyson Foods corporation.

  • Andy

    That settles it, Anonymous commenter of May 14, 2008. Anonymous of June 2, 2008 has invalidated your enjoyment of the track and you must now disown it, delete all copies and take down any posters of me you had on your locker. I’m very sorry, but that’s how it is.

    However, if you, Anonymous of May 14, were being sarcastic beyond my kung fu level, you both win and according to the bylaws I must retire from music altogether and become an anonymous critic.

  • Anonymous

    And let us not forgot the misreads in the inner voice:

    * At 3:06, bar 41, the last triplet should read D#-F#-B# but is unfortunately played D#-G#-B# which neuters the contour so carefully composed in the inner voice.

    * At 3:45, bar 51, a C# major triad is played throughout, instead of the first two groups being c# minor and the second two being C# major. This is extremely unfortunate because this bar marks the second subject in the recapitulation. Thus, there is a direct correspondence to bar 15, where the second subject is first introduced in the exposition (in the surprising choice of b minor, no less!). To miss the opportunity to outline this connection is unfortunate.

  • Andy

    That’s funny… I told the guy at Triad Depot the exact same thing. Still, the c# minor triads were on back order and Hank (at the recapitulation counter, you can ask him) said, “You’ll just have to make do.” So I did, and that’s what ya got. A few weeks later the Casio School of Soundbanks recalled my MIDI Slaughterhouse correspondence degree. I have been practicing without a license for some time now. I don’t know who you people are, but if this keeps up I may get a call from Jeff Lynne Power Chord University and lose my doctorate for my work on the rest of the EP. Thank goodness you haven’t been over to and torn apart my faux journalism.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t make fun of your faux journalism because that’s what it is: satire. But when your MySpace page asserted that you were a “classically trained pianist,” I took exception.

    Color me rancorous.

  • Anonymous

    Excuse the mis-read. Actually, don’t. The sentence of which you speak does not parse very well. Maybe I *will* make fun of your journalism.

    I’m not sure what a “recapitulating triad” is, and if you take a minute to study sonata form, you’ll see why.

    P.S. My anonymity doesn’t change the truthfulness of my statements, nor my confidence in them.

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