“Everyone But You” in Jackson Hole Film Festival June 5-9

Andy makes a brief appearance (as we’ve mentioned a time or two) in Eric Shiveley’s documentary about being an indepedent musician that’s in the Jackson Hole Film Festival (June 5-9). Andy wants to help Eric get better gigs and more publicity, and it would be fun to generate interest in all the great Colorado music from the film. If you or someone you know is an industry bigwig, please let them in on this.

Just watch the clips and forward them to friends. Everything else takes care of itself!


movie trailer —
movie clip —

P.S.: The guy who made the movie doesn’t make any money from this. So everybody wins!

Looking for Andy Ard’s music?

Two of Andy’s tracks that appear in Eric Shiveley’s documentary “Everyone But You” are available online in the following locations:

  • “Baby Don’t Care” (the “hey hey” song Eric and Andy were recording)
  • “Untitled on Wire & Wood” (guitar at end of Marfa NPR segment)

“Untitled on Wire & Wood” is also available on in its original context on the rachel & andy CD “So Much Left to Say“.

If you have not yet seen Eric’s film, it just debuted at the Oxford International Film Festival, and will feature soon at the Indie Spirit Film Festival and the Jackson Hole International Film Festival.

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