PRO Affiliation:

Andy Ard (BMI #00454490251)


Superfly Jukebox Music (BMI #00806540355)

One Stop (Placement-Ready):

For sync licensing opportunities, I can provide full length mastered originals and instrumental dubs.
I own and control compositions and masters outright.
In regard to cowrites, all parties will have agreed to a similar one-stop arrangement.

For all inquiries, contact Andy at talk2me -at- or call (720) 381-2769.


Several titles are listed here for streamlined licensing:

If you’d like to record cover versions:

If I’ve already released the song, please just make sure to get the catalog number right (see BMI info above) and knock yourself out. Oh, and send me a copy! I’d love to hear it.
If not, let’s talk. I love writing for other artists and collaborating with other writers.

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