Vinyl Christmas

Warmed up the old Zenith phonograph for some vintage holiday tunes.

Join the People’s Choirs: Voices Rock! Turns Five

I’ve had the honor and the pleasure of being part of this choir since the beginning, proud to sing alongside all these fantastic performers. Here’s an article in Westword celebrating our fifth anniversary.

Thank you for listening.

That’s the main thing I want you to know. Whoever you are, thank you for supporting music. Live music, recorded music, songwriters, performers, all of it. Like That is now available! Lots of options to hear it: buy the CD, download it from CDBaby, stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and many more. Like […]

Preview of the “Like That” EP Candy cover art

The “Like That” EP is being printed, and will be ready for release soon! Here’s a little rundown on the making of the artwork. The original concept was “sawdust & bubblegum”, a reference to how someone once described my music – a juxtaposition of gritty and sweet tunes. It’s always had a pop sensibility, but […]

EP mixed and off to master!

  I’ve been working with producer John McVey for months on 5 songs that are almost ready for release. It’s been a whirlwind ride, bringing in players like Nick Forster of eTown (where this pic was taken), who threw down some slick guitar leads. Now while the mastering happens, it’s time to finish up the […]

Posting from a phone! Bonus cat image

What a world we live in. I’m holding a device about the size of a Pop Tart that has more computing power than the first Space Shuttle, writing whatever is on my mind and posting it to the interwebs.Here is my cat Teddy, high on painkillers after he injured his leg. He stared at nothing […]

Test post, please ignore

We’re testing the capability to post to the blog by email. If you’re reading this, it worked! There should also be a picture below of Andy performing at the Boulder International Film Festival.

Kick the tires!

Just launched the brand new site, and hopefully it’s working for you. I’d especially love to hear if you saw this post somewhere else, like Facebook or Twitter. I’ve shuffled some things around, and muddled through some real nerdy stuff to make it cleaner and more user-friendly. The whole point of which is to better […]

2012 in Review for Andy Ard Music

The year started with a new album well under way, hindered by a few inconveniently timed bouts of bronchitis. The songs kept coming, though, and in June “How Easy It Is” finally hit the shelves. It’s my first full-length solo album, and I produced the whole thing in the bat cave that is my studio. […]

Andy wins Write With a Hit-Maker Contest!

My song, “How Easy It Is” won the Pop/Film/TV category of the Write With a Hit-Maker competition, and it is quite an honor. At this weekend’s Durango Songwriter’s Expo I will be meeting with composer Adam Zelkind and we’ll write another big hit! Congratulations to Frank Maroney, who won the Country category. It is an […]