Caught (single, 2018)

The spate of indictments and guilty pleas in recent months inspired this paean to justice. Feel free to inquire about licensing opportunities for this one – make it the soundtrack for your own takedown montage!

How Easy It Is (2012)

This little ditty won the Durango Songwriter’s Expo “Write With a Hit Maker” contest in 2012.

Everyone Loves You (but Nobody Wants You Around) – (2010)

Forgot about this version, with its early draft lyrics. The final version is on Andy’s 2012 “How Easy It Is” album. A fun little romp at the now-defunct D-Note in Old Town Arvada, with Steve Millin on bass and Joe Janeba on drums.

That’s What She Did to Me (2009)

Hey, a full-fledged music video! We went back in time to make a movie to accompany this song recorded at Eric Shiveley’s Desert Airport Studio.

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